'Under the Dome': 'Exigent Circumstances' sees Dale Barbara going on 'trial'

"Under the Dome" has gotten pretty exciting the last couple episodes. Read on to find out what we can look forward to going into the season finale next week. We'll confess -- the show has been a bit of a slow burn, especially compared to the book. Now, the book covers less than a week, so obviously a show that is going to at least have a second season has to last longer than that. So, at times, the show has been a little slow, a little meandering, a little ridiculous (we still can't get over that appliance truck that crashed into the water tower -- what was it DOING on the road? Refrigerator emergency?)However, last week and this week have more than made up for some of the slower offerings this summer. Big Jim is morphing into the villain we know him to be from the novel and it's been delicious to watch. This...



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