'Sons of Anarchy' Season 6: Donal Logue on Lee Toric's 'dark, punishing retribution'

The club on "Sons of Anarchy" has come up against many forms of law enforcement in the show's five seasons, but it wasn't until Donal Logue's Lee Toric that they came across someone bent on nothing but good, old fashioned revenge. While Toric wants to bring the club down, it's not because of his loyalty to the law, but rather to avenge the death of his sister, who was murdered by Otto (Kurt Sutter) in prison.His story doesn't end there, though. Fans who tune into the Season 6 premiere of "Sons of Anarchy" will see a different side of Toric, one that makes him an even scarier foe to come up against. Logue spoke withZap2it about the revelation, saying, "His story is a lot darker, it turns out. His Jungian shadow is pretty black."Logue also describes Toric's plan of attack, explaining, "He's kind of adopting a different tact to go after the club, a multi-pronged assault,...



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