The Best of This Week’s Breaking Bad Recaps: ‘To’hajiilee’

With three episodes of Breaking Bad to go, “To’hajiilee” left us as anxiety-ridden as we've ever been. Matt Zoller Seitz wrote, “What a place to end an especially tense episode of a show that does cliff-hangers so well: not right before an action scene, not after, but in the middle!” Here’s our weekly recap of the recaps.


“Walt has drawn a line at defending himself with deadly force against his own flesh and blood, a line that forced him, reluctantly, to redefine Jesse as non-family in order to justify his elimination by force. What he couldn’t imagine is that Jesse adopted Hank, and vice-versa, creating a situation where deadly force against Jesse puts Hank in the crossfire. The lines that Walt drew, and believed absolutely in his power to maintain, are erased by his collusion with Uncle Jack, the price of which is Walt reluctantly crossing the line of retirement. Once Walt can’t define himself, he loses the ability to define anything.” –A.V. Club.  Read More...


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