Mystic Archives Of Dantalian Episode #04 Anime Review

With the first three episodes of the Mystic Archives of Dantalian, we’ve gotten a show that’s definitely got an interesting premise about it but hasn’t won me over with execution. It’s largely felt like this seasons version of Gosick, which is both good and bad. This episode does start off well as it has Dalian being completely enamored with a series of novels from Lenny Lents. The author was writing a trilogy but ended up dying after the second book was completed, so no third volume was ever made. This puts out Dalian completely as she wanted more to see what would happen, but Huey is smart enough to put the onus on her for opening up a package that was meant for him. As it turns out, the author sent a message to Huey’s grandfather and that’s now ended up in his lap to go and figure out. Of course, Dalian is driving this particular train as she wants to see what she can find out about the final novel.



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