Mystic Archives Of Dantalian Episode #06 Anime Review

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian has had some interesting episodes over the first five of its run, but it’s also been a very episodic show with only the mildest of hints of something bigger going on. That’s not a bad thing though if it can tell the stories well with the Phantom Books and what’s involved with them. This episode shifts the gears a bit by not focusing on Huey and Dalian at the start but instead introducing us to the police officer named Mabel who has come across two odd people that have just arrived in town. The pair, Hal and Flam, have a pretty distinct look to them and Hal even introduces himself as a Libricide Officer, which causes her to keep an eye on him because of his suspicious nature. But the town and Mabel herself have a pretty laid back attitude, which is made all the more apparent when they talk about the numerous brothels there.



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