Valvrave The Liberator Episode #04 Anime Review

We’ve established that Valvrave is a dumb show that can be a lot of fun if you let it be, right? Okay good, because you better not expect anything else from this episode. And as long as you are in the right mindset, it should deliver everything you could hope for.

Let’s rewind. We were left with L-elf approaching Haruto, suggesting the two join forces to end the war that has disrupted the lives so many have been leading. What’s more, L-elf seems to be able to predict everything that will happen, and uses this ability to get Haruto right where he wants him, and even points this out as a means to convince Haruto that it only makes sense for him to join up and let the professional work things out. L-elf lets him go, absolutely certain that everything will fall into place just as he had planned. After all, he’s the Lelouch of this show, right? Sure, they switched it up by having the secondary lead fill that role, but of course it has to be a little different, right? Right, so everything will continue playing out nice and perfectly.



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