Valvrave The Liberator Episode #05 Anime Review

After the first four episodes of this series went from having some rather silly plot ideas to absolute insanity, I thought I was probably ready to deal with however dumb it wanted to be. Okouchi does it well; it’s dumb in a smart way… so to speak; there’s no doubt that everyone on the staff is just having fun and putting care into making everything as ridiculous as it is. And the results were so unbelievable that it was fun to see what crazy ideas they had next. I can’t say it’s really changed from that line of thinking. But everyone has their threshold, and this series seems to be determined to see how much sillier it can get with each passing moment. It’s bound to start grating on people sooner or later. For many, the first episode could’ve already been too much. I’m not going to say that I suddenly hate the series, because I certainly don’t, but this was the episode that started to make me wonder if there’s any chance this series is going anywhere.



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