Valvrave The Liberator Episode #07 Anime Review

The pre-opening of this episode is potentially the most interesting part of it. However, it’s also completely disconnected from the rest of it, and from the rest of the series that we’ve seen. In fact, while it has our latest immortal vampire who got to be the star of the show (just as she wanted) last episode, its time frame is a few centuries removed from anything we’ve seen so far. And that’s pretty much all we get from it before returning to the present to see what wacky adventures the gang is up to this time. Saki’s scenes in the rest of the episode don’t seem to lend much to the choice to kick things off with that scene, but perhaps there was some connection that will become more clear as time goes on and we likely get more glimpses of this distant future, possibly in the same fashion. There’s now a big question of when and how we’ll move the story to that point, and for how long. With only two characters so far capable of existing at that point in time, it seems unlikely that the entire story would simply move forward that far, but there’s no telling what exactly will happen from here, and there’s clearly more to be told before any such move can be made. It’s definitely an interesting teaser for now.



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