Valvrave The Liberator Episode #08 Anime Review

The first major issue the Sakimori kids have to deal with this time is the loss of one of their own. We saw this go down last time, a successfully horrifying image of what a human body can be reduced to in the hell of war. This followed several scenes of this character showing some affection for Haruto (she’s a female character, after all!), which made for the majority of her existence in the series. As a fellow classmate, it’s to be expected that the others are very distraught over her fate. However, it’s hard to expect much empathy from the when Aina didn’t have nearly enough time in front of the camera to really affect us when she’s killed off shortly after being remotely relevant. It’s not as if it’s great storytelling to kill off main characters just to try to get a rise out of the audience, and it’s plenty realistic to think that someone who isn’t necessarily the focus of everyone’s attention would die and still cause everyone to suffer and care for her more than ever, but it seemed like a strange choice for this story.



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