'Sons of Anarchy' Season 6 premiere - 'Straw': One moment changes everything

The following contains spoilers from the Season 6 premiere of "Sons of Anarchy." Don't read if you don't want to know.When we left off, "Sons of Anarchy" was pure chaos. Tara (Maggie Siff) was headed to prison, Clay (Ron Perlman) was framed for murder, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) was becoming the type of club president we all hoped he wouldn't and, most importantly, Otto (Kurt Sutter) lost another body part. Rest in peace, Otto's tongue.Fast forward a bit and you come across Season 6. With only two seasons left to complete his vision, Sutter is bent on making the story of "Sons of Anarchy" as deeply disturbing as possible, and the premiere, "Straw," does just that.The biggest news out of the episode occurred near the end, when a young boy (Tate Berney), who popped up in nearly every scene, walks into his school with a gun and opens fire, after rolling up his sleeves to reveal...



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