Covert Affairs Season 4 Review “Hang Wire” – The Cost of Secrets

In this episode of Covert Affairs, we learn what Henry wanted with the missiles, the mystery of Calder deepens, Annie and Auggie don’t spend any time together and Arthur discovers the ultimate price of his secrets.

Poor Teo. I had a feeling he could end up losing his life. Wwhen he was being wheeled into the operating room – with his father promising him that there would be a job waiting for him in D.C. and that they would spend time together – there was never any doubt that he wouldn’t make it. Earlier in the episode, when Arthur was talking to the lawyer about the reasons why he wanted to admit to everything, he said that too many people had suffered too much because of his secrets and it’s sad to think that Teo was the one that suffered the most of all. Poor Teo never had a real father in his life, lost his mother and then was raised like a warrior so that he could spend his entire adulthood under cover. I have a feeling this loss is going to hit Arthur hard and we may see him stop playing defense against Henry and start playing a little offense. It makes me wonder what might happen if Arthur decides to go after Henry instead of keeping away from him.



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