'Sons of Anarchy': Maggie Siff says Tara is 'the place people go to to see their dreams die'

Characters are constantly changing on "Sons of Anarchy," likely none more so than Tara (Maggie Siff), who began Season 1 with a bright future as a surgeon ahead of her and starts Season 6 in jail due to her connection to a murder. In a conference call, Siff talked about her character's dark turn, as well as her relationship with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and the school shooting that capped off the premiere episode."I've been joking that Tara is the place people go to to see their dreams die," Maggie says. "What surprises me is the darker and darker progression of the things that she sees fall away." She's not kidding. Not only is Tara separated from her children, whom she loves above all others, but she's also pulling away from Jax."They're in such a disconnected place from each other right now," she says. "At the end of Season 5 we saw this incredible disillusionment, on...



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