The Severing Crime Edge Episode #07 Anime Review

So, we have a meeting with the Student Council President and Vice President. It appears that Ruka Shihoudou has decided to stop her pursuit of Iwai, preferring to focus her attention on whipping Romio (literally). The truce now in effect, things should not be quite so worrisome at school. Ruka also passes on a letter from Gossip.

Kiri and Iwai hang out with Yamane, who is waiting for her sister Houko to show up. We get to see a…very different side of Houko, who appears to be a rather delicate and cute girl in her persona with her high school friends. Not at all like the Houko we see on a regular basis and in fact it embarrasses the heck out of her when Kiri and Iwai see her like that. Yamane apologizes for the intrusion on her normal life, but Kiri and Iwai have told Yamane about the letter from Gossip and Houko is the one who might know the most about the message in the letter. It turns out that she does, as the letter is an invitation to a party from Gossip. The whole encounter, however, is rather hostile.



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