The Severing Crime Edge Episode #10 Anime Review

So, they decided that showing Kiri lick Iwai once was not enough. We get it again at the start of this episode. But soon after the flashback, we see Iwai in bed in her house…and we see how happy she is to have Kiri love her. She wakes up and has a little soliloquy about how she loves Kiri and how he’ll come by this morning, as he does every morning, to cut her hair that regrows every night until it reaches the floor.

Except that this morning, it only goes down to her hips.

I guess they’re going to specialize in disturbing under-dressed child images this episode, as we see not just Iwai severely under-dressed, but also some almost infant-like looking girl who likes knives a lot. She’s an Author and she has not just a single Killing Goods knife, but a whole bunch of them. They also seem to be unlike other Killing Goods, as she calls them “Order Made” (a Japanese mistake for “made to order,” or an attempt at cool sounding Engrish?).

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