Mushibugyo Episode #02 Anime Review

While this episode gives us a little more exposition — the monsters have been around for 100 years, and the Insect Magistrate’s office was created 10 years ago — the big focus is on getting to know Hibachi, the ninja girl, better. Hibachi has the typical unstable tsundere personality going on, flitting between intense, I’m-going-to-throw-explosives-at-you rage at Jinbei, and a blushing, stuttering affection for the tough and infuriatingly silent Mugai. In fact, half the episode seems to consist of fawning over Mugai, as Hibachi tells the story of the day he saved her life, and Junbei keeps trying to say that their desire to be like Mugai is the same. Considering that Mugai has shown less personality than some of the bugs so far, and both Hibachi and Jinbei have people from their past they can look up to, this is a tad frustrating, and it’s hard to get caught up in their enthusiasm.



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