Mushibugyo Episode #06 Anime Review

With Mugai’s focus last episode, I thought I was safe assuming the character-introduction episodes were finished. Not so much, it turns out, as we encounter another character, Nagatomimaru, who has been reading books on bugs for so long he’s become an expert. Dressed in robes and a Noh mask, and constantly mumbling to himself, the man tries to sneak into the Insect Magistrate to steal a look at the records on the bugs. Thanks to Hibachi’s uncalled for tsundere violence, he’s caught pretty much immediately and is discovered to be a noble with a pretty handsome face. Recognizing him, Kotori doesn’t dole out punishment, but tells him the records are sealed off, and has Jinbei bring him home. Jinbei is, of course, super impressed with the man’s quest for knowledge (pure awe seems to be his defining character trait) and, through his faith in this stranger, convinces Nagatomimaru to use his knowledge to help defeat a giant mosquito.



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