Mushibugyo Episode #09 Anime Review

Following up on the final events from last episode, Jinbei and the rest of the Insect Magistrate’s office, including the Samurai House Patrol and the Shrine and Temple Patrol (the leaders of which we saw a couple episodes back) run to take a boat to Hachijo Island, where the Magistrate has sequestered herself. For reasons that aren’t delved into, if the Magistrate dies, Edo is doomed, so it is imperative that everyone rushes to protect her. There’s a moment of real conflict for Jinbei, when it seems like he needs to make a big character-building decision: either stick to his oath and go save the Magistrate, or stay behind and fight the giant Insect threatening Oharu and the rest of Edo. But this moment of anguish, which could either reinforce his values or cause drama later on, is solved almost as soon as it’s presented as the Samurai Patrol so Jinbei and the rest can go save the Magistrate. What a waste.



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