Mushibugyo Episode #16 Anime Review

Jinbei begins his journey to Kishuu with the Magistrate (though he’s still unaware of her identity) and Oooku, one of the Shogun’s samurai who has also been charged with her safety. Jinbei is as excitable as usual about the trip, but he finds himself the focus of criticism as Oooku bluntly tells Jinbei his actions are “wrong”, from walking on the wrong side of the road (can’t have your swords hitting another samurai’s swords, starting a fight) to helping a couple on the road — they could be planning to attack the Magistrate, after all. Most of Oooku’s issues seem nitpicky, and Jinbei thinks he’s helping him, but the reality, as should be obvious, is that Oooku doesn’t understand why the Magistrate chose him, and even tells Jinbei, just before they reach Kishuu, that he should just turn around and go back to Edo.



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