Mushibugyo Episode #18 Anime Review

The other members of the Magistrate’s office have arrived in Kishuu (inexplicably getting in without being noticed or causing an uproar) and Hibachi is the first of the group to run into Jinbei. Jinbei somehow doesn’t recognize her from behind and attacks, and even after it’s obviously Hibachi he continues his assault, sure she’s an impostor. It all turns out to be a grab for fanservice when he slashes off all of her clothes (there hasn’t been enough female nakedness lately, I guess) and she subsequently blows him up. At this point the Magistrate shows up, and even though Hibachi knows who she is, she makes an insistent, on the verge of funny, point of saying she is the Magistrate’s assistant, since Jinbei not understanding who she really is is so very important to her.



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