Mushibugyo Episode #20 Anime Review

Last week’s episode ended with Hibachi apparently in mortal danger, and this one begins with Jinbei racing to save her. Things almost go completely sour when it turns out that this was an illusion put on by the Insect-man Saizo and Jinbei finds himself charging right at Hibachi, but the illusion is broken just in time. At this point Hibachi tells Jinbei to step aside, and watch her fight. The small amount of recognition Hibachi showed when she heard Saizo’s name in the last episode is explained when Hibachi reveals that she learned Saizo’s story as a child — he was a ninja that wanted to learn the forbidden attacks, but when his master wouldn’t show them to him, he killed his master and took the attacks for himself. For the most part, these forbidden moves seem to involve illusion, as that is his main form of attack, and he’s quick to throw more illusions at Hibachi, making her think she’s tied up, that her attacks are passing through Saizo, and giving her a dream where her grandfather comes to rescue her and tells her he accepts her as the heir to the Chinpou style. When she appears to be doing too well, however, he turns the illusions on Jinbei, so that as he thinks he’s saving Hibachi, he’s actually fighting her to the death.



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