Mushibugyo Episode #22 Anime Review

As the group makes their way towards Sanada, they come to a split in the hallway. So naturally they do the “lazy thing”, as Koikawa calls it, and split up, with Jinbei immediately running off with Tenma (because it’s Tenma’s turn, and Jinbei has to be present for every fight, right?) Because of this I felt like the episode was going to take a less serious turn, like the Tenma-focused episode way back at the beginning of the series. We start off with a bunch of goofy reactions as Tenma is apparently afraid of everything — getting lost, loud noises, small spaces, extreme heights. Jinbei somehow manage to segue this into asking about Tenma’s parents. While I’ve spent the whole series thinking they were dead — we have seen him talking to a pair of dolls on an alter, after all — it turns out that they were just separated, and are waiting to reunite with their son when he becomes strong enough. It’s a little weird (I feel like there must be more to his backstory than that) but still just sweet enough to warm your heart.



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