'Graceland' season finale: Briggs, Jangles and the house's future

After a twisted season of crime-fighting and occasionally just crime, "Graceland" had its season finale, "Pawn," on USA. Jangles was revealed. Paul Briggs faced his fate. Mike ended his investigation. People kissed. Someone died. It was all very dramatic.While lots and lots happened before "Graceland" Season 1 came to an end, highlights include:Briggs sticks aroundEveryone -- literally everyone, including the FBI and all the other agencies -- thought Briggs left the country. He didn't. Instead, Briggs spent the episode running around the area and looking for Jangles. Some other guy who needed a new life took that boat out of town.Briggs might have been better off if he had left, considering what went down later in the episode.Paige and Mike kiss!The off-and-on sexual tension between Mike and Paige reached its high point in the finale -- the two kissed! Of course, the kiss was as much about the rough situation they were all in...



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