The Bridge Season 1 Review “Old Friends”

One of the biggest strengths of The Bridge in season one has been its relentless forward motion. Sure, it’s quietly meditated on a number of different ideas, but the show has steadily progressed for the first nine episodes. We’ve learned more and more about all of our characters. Their various ticks, strengths, and weaknesses have been slowly unspooled just as everything in the life of Marco Ruiz has been torn asunder. There was always a sense that special things were coming. It probably wasn’t going to happen this season, but there was enough interesting things in place that it wasn’t hard to imagine a version free from the shackles of a season-long murder mystery. For so long, those that have watched and reviewed the show (including this guy) have been far more interested in the rich fringes of The Bridge instead of the murder mystery that was the show’s through line. When the episode began, it seemed logical the episode would end with David Tate in custody, and the Ruiz family at least alive. At that point, it would be up to the remaining three episodes to pick up the pieces and set up next season.



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