Under the Dome 1.12 "Exigent Circumstances" Review: Only One More Left

Under the Dome 111After eleven straight reviews of rants and tangents, I’m just going to simply reiterate that Under the Dome has been a major letdown for me since its pilot However, despite its major writing flaws (exposition randomly coming out of the radio) or inconsequential character deaths (I barely remembered Dodee’s name before her death scene), last night’s episode of Under the Dome, "Exigent Circumstances,” was actually not overly horrendous.

While most of the series’ characters are still as bland as ever and just as dumb as dirt, I really liked how Barbie and Angie were able to team up together against Big Jim and how Barbie didn't care so much about what happened to him as long as Julia and Angie were able to get away from the hospital unscathed. I still don’t buy into Barbie and Julia’s relationship and his “I love you” to her kind of made me gag. However, Barbie as a self-sacrificing hero is the type of character that I could get behind, especially if he can be shown to be more morally conflicted on occasion and not have the correct answer to what is right and what is wrong all the time.

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