Dexter 8.10 "Goodbye Miami" Review: Well, At Least They Killed Someone

Dexter 810Even though this final season of Dexter has been a total bore, with the exception of the season's first three episodes, I will say that something happened last night in "Goodbye Miami" that actually awoken me from my stupor. The Dexter writers killed off Vogel in sweet, throat-slitting, bloody fashion, and while I don’t think that the death was very shocking or that Vogel as a character really had much of a purpose anymore (more on that below), I was still happy to see something final season worthy occur during a Dexter episodes.

For a show that has been a longtime favorite of mine, and one that just came off what I believe was its best season yet, it’s really a shame to see how far Dexter has fallen. I’m no longer just making fun of the Miami Metro subplots anymore; I’m also laughing at Dexter saying “Argentina” fifty times an episode, as he plans to run away with Hannah, or Deb and Quinn’s stupid, nonsensical romantic storyline.

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