'Haven' Season 4 premiere: 'Fallout' brings Lexie, William, Jennifer and new roles for everyone

Things are different in "Haven" Season 4. Audrey isn't Audrey anymore -- she's Lexie. Dwight has taken over Nathan's role as Chief, while Nathan seems to be stepping into Audrey's Trouble-helping shoes. Duke, meanwhile, gets to play the hero.It's weird. As weird as a hug between Nathan and Duke, which also happens in "Fallout."The question is, does the new, post-meteor shower "Haven" have the same magic and mystery as always? Yes. For the most part, yes.Six monthsUnlike previous seasons of "Haven," which began mere seconds after the previous ones ended, Season 4 has a six-month jump from Season 3. Kind of ... It's not six months for Duke, the only major character we see before the opening credits roll. For Duke, a brief denizen of the barn, the gap between seasons was -- as always -- but a moment of time. Then some encroaching black holes (or something of that nature) suck Duke out of...



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