I have the weirdest feeling that ORION will turn out to be Chucks DAD ...

what do you think?!?!?!



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Mar 10, 2009 4:24AM EDT


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Mar 10, 2009 9:36AM EDT

who is ORION?

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Mar 10, 2009 11:18AM EDT

My primary interest is that they FINISH the series - give Chuck a proper ending and don't let it wither away on some cliffhanger and then get dropped. Bring it to a conclusion. PLEASE!!!And why not? Saves money on more stars!

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Mar 10, 2009 11:31AM EDT

Actually, I thinking Orion will turn out to be the Chevy Chase's character but the Intersect technology he supplied will be some of the technology Chuck's Dad accused him of stealing from him.

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Mar 10, 2009 12:21PM EDT

Fudeface, why would you want chuck to finish, its like the only good show on NBC besides heroes and life now that EVERYTHING is getting canceled. I'm telling you if they finish any more shows the whole network should get canceled!

Mar 10, 2009 1:16PM EDT

StrawBerryCutie ---> ORION is the person who "could/ possibly would" know how to get the intersect out of chucks head.
Wilkindw ---> So do you think chucks dad will turn out to be a good guy or a bad guy?

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Mar 10, 2009 5:52PM EDT

I had exactly the same feeling! There were some hints about his father - who wasn't a big topic before...I think there might be some conclusions when awesome and ellie are getting married, as we were reminded in this episode, that chuck is supposed to find his dad for his big sis' wedding.

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Mar 10, 2009 10:45PM EDT

I was thinking the exact same thing. And I am wondering if his dad was also the one who headed up Fulcrum.

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Mar 10, 2009 11:32PM EDT

Intresting. I don't know if the show is going to get cancelled. I think it's still in the "rumored to be cancelled state". I've also read that Chuck might get transfered to Sci-Fi? Anyhow the series can continue as long as there is a good plot. We don't Want 5 seasons in which the last 3 are pure cr*p.

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Mar 11, 2009 5:32PM EDT

I loved this episode, it was awesome. I think chuck's dad is gonna be bad, really just bad ass and everything chuck can't be and tries to be but isn't. Ohh And i loved the fact that he has a clipboard master plan board thingy behind a poster, so inconspicuous, LOL. Can't wait for next episode, I hope they don't cancel Chuck its a great show and I love it. ;D

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Mar 11, 2009 7:32PM EDT

Didn't NBC already state that they are in the process of shooting Chuck Season 3? I thought I read that somewhere. If not, my bad.

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Mar 16, 2009 9:05AM EDT

I'm hoping Chuck's Dad will turn out to be a good guy and that his disapearance is linked to his Intersect knowledge.Want to try something interesting - Google Archer (for Scott Bakula's Star Trek character Captain Jonathon Archer) and Orion- The first summary -Sagittarius has drawn his bow, and his arrow is pointing at Antares, the bright red heart of Scorpius, the scorpion. The archer is avenging Orion, ...
Neat tie-in, eh?

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Mar 19, 2009 11:49PM EDT

wat if captain awesome was a spy.....that would kick ass!!!!!! but make things a lot more confusing....which i think chuck is lacking a little. (soap opera style) ;)

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Mar 20, 2009 10:04AM EDT

I purchased the Season 1 DVD set and in the extras one item they discussed was Captain Awesome's character. They said the original plan was for him to be a bad guy spy but that fan reaction to his character was so positive they dropped the idea.

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Mar 22, 2009 4:58PM EDT

I think Orion will not be Chucks dad but that Scott bakula will be, and he will be someone who knew Orion, and was involved in creation of the intersect. I also get the feeling that fulcrum was not originally the bad guys but something that Chucks dad was involved with and was good. I think it turns bad and that why Chucks dad does the vanishing act as does Orion.Also i agree why would you want it to end especially when its going strong right now story wise its really starting to open up and the story is growing alot. As it has been said on here, Chuck is now more then just about dealing with the intersect but how Chuck can get rid of it and get his life back, while still helping his friends.

Mar 28, 2009 1:55AM EDT

if the intersect is removed from Chucks head, Casey has no choice but to put a bullet in his head, so needless to say the intersect isn't going anywhere lol
And i don't believe that ORION is dead ... he's coming back - its the TV way!!!!

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Apr 7, 2009 11:19AM EDT

orion IS chucks dad

Apr 7, 2009 11:59AM EDT


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Apr 7, 2009 12:36PM EDT

that was unknown when the topic was started, so this guy had a good feeling :)

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