Breaking Bad Season 5 Review “Ozymandias”

“I think these last three episodes, not to overstate it, and you could say this about the last eight, but with these last three in particular you need to install a seat belt on your sofa, you need to wear a crash helmet and a diaper. [laughs] I tell ya, this next episode, I think for my money, is the best episode we ever had had or ever will have.”

This is what Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan said about these last three episodes, and tonight’s episode in particular. For a TV show that might go down as one of the greatest in history, saying that tonight’s episode “Ozymandias” is one of the best installments they’ve ever had is quite a statement. With incredible episodes like “One Minute”, “Full Measures”, and “Dead Freight”, this would have to be a pretty outstanding 47 minutes. So did “Ozymandias” deliver? Well, that’s the crazy part. Yes. This might actually be the greatest episode of the series.



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