Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “The Way Things Are”

If not for the painfully dull fallout being dealt with in the Damon scenes, I’d almost think this week’s episode of Low Winter Sun, “The Way Things Are,” was supposed to air before last week’s episode. As a result, while things happened this week, it was hard to feel the full impact of the moments because they were an episode removed from the threads they connect to.

The biggest such moment this week was Agnew finally finding Katia. This should’ve been a powerful moment, seeing Katia push Agnew away, but it’s been two weeks since we saw Agnew trying to find her. Last week, he was all about the case and covering up McCann’s murder. While saving himself is important, it lessens the sense that he’s as desperate to find Katia as it seemed he was a few episodes back. Even worse, it makes it seem almost ridiculously easy how fast he finds her this week. He stumbles into the chat room, gets the help of one lone hacker, and then shows up on her sidewalk.




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