Copper Season 2 Review “Beautiful Dreamer”

Damn. That’s all I can really say about this week’s Copper. I can’t believe Corcoran actually did it. He killed Donovan. What a major bummer. Donal Logue was starting to really own the role and Donovan was a great foil to Corcoran. Now, he’s pushing daisies and in his place is Mr. William Eustace (Billy Baldwin). I wasn’t happy to see Donovan depart, but I am impressed that the Copper writers made such a bold choice to have Corcoran commit cold-blooded murder.

What does this mean for our anti-hero? It’s really hard to say. I want to be on Corcoran’s side. He’s the main voice in the show – he’s the one that viewers have been with since day one. We’ve watched him suffer from the loss of his wife and child, the betrayal by his closest friend, and a drug addiction. With all these hardships, I want Corcoran to succeed and want him to overcome his pain. But, then he makes a decision to commit murder. It brings to the forefront the question of whether Corcoran is any different (or better) than Donovan. On a certain level, the answer is most certainly, “no.” I’m going to need some time to decide how I feel about Corcoran’s vigilante justice.



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