'The Newsroom' Season 2 finale: 'Election Night' isn't the biggest story at ACN

"ACN is able to project Mitt Romney will win the great state of Kansas ... "Anchorman Will McAvoy(Jeff Daniels) and his cable news network were right in the thick of the action as "Election Night, Part II," the Aaron Sorkin-written finale of Season 2 of HBO's "The Newsroom," began Sunday (Sept. 15). And as with the previous week's "Part I," there was just as much activity off-camera.Don (Thomas Sadoski) was working to nail down the tip he'd gotten that Gen. David Petraeus was about to resign. Charlie (Sam Waterston) was debating whether to go with that or with the story about a congressman that had yielded the Petraeus tip, as an intended trade-off.Don lobbied strongly for the Petraeus story, which ACN would run before anyone else and which he believed would "earn us back some credibility and goodwill" in the wake of the Operation Genoa debacle. In the end, Charlie decided, "We'll report Petraeus is...



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