Olivia must be confronted

Whitney plunged in by falling hard and fast for her man, when she should have taken her time and gotten to know him first. It is pretty much over. I think that Olivia needs to be approached about her lies and MTV needs to show the tapes of how it was Whitneys idea and not Olivias to the bosses so they can how deceptive Olivia is. Olivia is a poser, someone who wants to act like she is rich and sophisticated when she isn't. New Yorkers appear to be way too up tight. Whitney you need to come back to L.A. and spend some time with real friends who value loyalty and who really do love you and respect you. Olivia is rude and anyone who is royalty or has a lot of money, especially "old money" is not abrasive in their behavior or their speech towards others. That is how you can tell a poser.


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