Seitz: Sleepy Hollow May Be About a Headless Horseman, But It’s Not Brainless


Good pilots are so few and far between this year — every year, honestly — that there's a tendency to overrate the good ones, and maybe invest in them our hopes. I don't know if Sleepy Hollow can bear the accolades that have already been heaped upon it. But while I wouldn't go so far as to call it the second coming of Buffy or Veronica Mars, it does have at least one thing in common with those great cult shows: a beguiling confidence in what it's trying to do, and be. It's a time-travel story, a conspiracy thriller, a buddy-cop tale, a platonic-but-with-sexual-tension love story, and sometimes a satire on modern attitudes, and it juggles these modes with sure hands. The show may revolve around a headless horseman, as per Washington Irving's loosely adapted source, but this is no brainless time-waster. It's witty but never overly pleased with itself, and even when it's predictable, it's predictable with a wink that says, "Come on — you know you needed that to happen."  Read More...


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