The Internet’s Best Under the Dome Theories


This summer’s most perplexing television event was Under the Dome, a show that found the right balance between being somewhat intriguing and ridiculously simple. Of course, a few episodes in, the show proceeded to go off the rails. [Spoiler warning to the uninitiated!] To briefly recap: There were seizures, hallucinations, falling pink stars, and a second dome with a glowing egg inside. And that’s not even addressing the whole propane thing and Max, who had apparently been under the dome the entire time but did not make an appearance until the season was halfway over (and had something to do with butterflies and a monarch to be crowned?). So with all of these disparate components being thrown at the audience (confused? you know where to find Vulture's longer recaps), the valiant citizens of the Internet tried to put all of the clues together and make sense of everything. Here are some of the best, or at least most plausible, theories about Under the Dome's dome.  Read More...


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