'Haven' Season 4 premiere speculation: Who is William?

William is something of an enigma on "Haven" Season 4. The man -- played by Colin Ferguson of "Eureka" fame -- showed up in the season premiere, "Fallout," and promptly established himself as a full-on mystery. He knows all about Audrey/Lexie (Emily Rose). There are people following him around with guns. William can take out those people with a pool cue.Also, Lexie thinks he's cute. So who is this William guy?What's his name?If you paid very close attention to William's introduction to Lexie in the bar, you may have noticed a slight hesitation when he was asked his name. It was almost as if "William" had to think about an answer before he said it.Now why would William -- a person Lexie had never seen before and didn't know at all -- need to give a fake name? The fake isn't for her in the moment, so any lies are for the future. After...



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