'Under the Dome' finale: Is it 'Curtains' for Dale 'Barbie' Barbara?

When we last left the people of Chester's Mill who are trapped "Under the Dome," Big Jim was bringing the hammer down on the mini-domers and Barbie stood accused of murder. In the finale, Big Jim starts to evolve from his BMOC complex to an out-right God complex, preying on the townspeople's fears that it's the end times when the butterfly emerges and the domes (mini and big) go black. As the kids scramble to hide the mini-dome and see what it tells them to do, it explodes and seemingly crowns Julia Shumway as the monarch. A spectre of Alice, which is really one of the people or things who put the dome in place (aliens?), appears and tells them they have to protect the egg or it's curtains for all of them. She also says the big dome was sent to protect them, but she won't say from what.Barbie is put on some gallows...



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