Bones Season 9 Premiere 2013 “The Secrets in the Proposal” Review – Finding Faith

In the Bones Season 9 premiere, called “The Secrets in the Proposal,” things are awkward between Booth and Brennan, and Booth and everyone else, as he struggles to keep his secret and protect everyone, while shouldering their wrath for breaking Brennan’s heart.

Whew, that was a tough episode to watch in a lot of ways. I think I sort of felt the way Booth must’ve – I knew that he had every good reason to do what he was doing, but it still killed me when I saw the hurt in Brennan’s eyes. It was so very awkward and uncomfortable to see him walking around while everyone tried to either give him kind advice or stung him with sharp words. After a while it was hard to tell which of those things hurt worse.



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