BREAKING BAD Director Rian Johnson Talks “Ozymandias”, Babies Crying on Cue, and Maintaining Dignity in Death, Plus Behind-the-Scenes Images


If you haven’t seen the latest episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad, I’d suggest you queue it up on the DVR before reading any further (and then check out Allison’s episode recap once you’ve recovered).  “Ozymandias” episode director Rian Johnson (Looper) recently spoke about the various challenges the shoot imposed, such as dealing with death in a way that maintains a character’s dignity, getting a certain baby to cry and speak on cue, and how the entire 60 minutes of the episode was filled with big moments.  This will be your second spoiler warning because Johnson goes into extensive details about the shoot after the jump, where you’ll also find some behind-the-scenes images from Johnson himself.



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