‘Enough Said’ Review: A Cinematic Happy Ending for James Gandolfini’s Distinguished Career

Why aren’t more people talking about the fact that Nicole Holofcener is one of American film’s most interesting writer-directors? Is it the infrequency of her big-screen output? (Just five features in 17 years.) Is it that her dexterity with crafting naturalistic yet witty dialogue appears effortless? Do her examinations of people at a certain income level make it too easy to slough off her work as rarefied and precious? Is it, even in this day and age, that she’s a woman?

Whatever the reason, “Enough Said” confirms her gifts for creating complex characters who can be both lovable and irritating, and for capturing those tiny moments and pivots in conversation that can illuminate, embarrass or capture the exact second when two people fall in love.  Read More...



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