'Suits' Season 3 summer finale: Louis learns the truth, Harvey learns to love in 'Stay'

After a summer of tension, the "Suits" Season 3 summer finale, "Stay," came **this close to a happy ending. It's too bad Louis Litt had to go ruin it all by peeking into the Harvard Law School student records and finding no Mike Ross there.Is Louis about to learn Mike's secret?The return of Travis TannerJust when you thought the law couldn't get any murkier or messier, enter Travis Tanner! Yes, Harvey's old nemesis is back yet again, this time in the employ of Ava Hessington in order to sue Pearson Darby Specter. Mostly, of course, this lawsuit is about angering Harvey. It works.Tanner plays as dirty as always and tries to go at Harvey via Scottie -- Stephen Huntley has gone and signed an affidavit saying that she knew all about his murderous ways ages ago. It's a lie, but Huntley is looking at a murder charge and is willing to pass all the...



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