'Sons of Anarchy' episode 602 - 'One One Six': The school shooting fallout

After the elementary school shooting in the Season 6 premiere, "Sons of Anarchy" wastes no time in bringing the world crashing down around the club. The second episode, "One One Six" kicks off with Arcadio (Dave Navarro) informing Nero (Jimmy Smits) that the gun used in the shooting was, in fact, one trafficked by SAMCRO.The immediate plan is to get Arcadio and his girlfriend, the shooter's mother, out of town before the police can question them. It's a simple enough plan, and one the club has done before. Remember Cherry in Season 1? They whisked her away to Ireland for the rest of her days, far away from law enforcement questioning.Unfortunately, things don't work out well for anyone connected to the club these days, so before they can get them out of town, the shooter's mother goes on the offensive, assuming the plan is to kill her so she won't talk. Arcadio, trying to protect...



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