Suits Season 3 Summer Finale 2013 Review “Stay” – So Many Feels

In the Suits Season 3 summer finale, called “Stay,” nearly everyone has to learn how to deal with some intense feelings as so many people are threatening to leave, while others want them to do nothing but stay.

Oh boy, the feels in this episode. Usually when I say “feels” I am just talking about myself, but this time I’m also talking about all of the characters, most especially my favorite guys – Harvey, Mike and Louis

Mike and Rachel were already going through some rough stuff thanks to her getting into two law schools and one of them being on the other side of the country. But then Jessica had to jump in and give them another complication to make things even more difficult. It was hard to see Mike walking around the firm in pain with no one to turn to. He tried going to Harvey, but of course that didn’t work as Harvey admitting that he has feelings was just not going to happen.



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