Sparrow’s Hotel Episode #07 Anime Review

With the nature of the show and its animation style, it’s easy to say that the hotel looks decent, but nothing to write home about overall. There’s a sort of basic nature about it, which is why it’s nice that we get a bit here about the large bath being upgraded and seeing the comical way it’s all put together. Not surprisingly, it turns into a bit of a challenge as Sayuri sees something different about the man that built it, Billy the XO, and it feels like it’s going to break out into a fight. But there’s a kind of restraint here that everyone is glad about, which in itself is amusing. Strangely though, this all feels somewhat abrupt with how it’s handled as it instead wants to deal with someone that wants to infiltrate the hotel, but can’t because it’s closed. But hey, we get some time seeing Sayuri sleep, so it’s all good, right?



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