Aiura Episode #07 Anime Review

With the gang hanging out in Souta’s room for the time being, which should be a blessing to hime but is more of a chore, we get to see how he’s easily manipulated in a few ways. While Kanaka’s playing a round of Jango, she manipulates him into playing – and losing – in order to get him to go out and pick up snacks and drinks for everyone. He’s grumbling about it all to be sure, but we also see his sensitive and caring side too, as he makes sure Saki has a blanket to sleep under. There’s almost a sense of something closer between the two, from this and the way they sit together later on, that really makes you look at them in a different light. Of course, all of this is in the end just frustration for Souta since they’re all in his room since his sister can’t keep hers clean.



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