'Supernatural' Season 9 first look photos: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Ezekiel, and the Impala are in the premiere ... but where's Cas?

Now that we know the premise of the "Supernatural" Season 9 premiere, these first look photos The CW released on Wednesday (Sept. 18) make a lot more sense.After Sam failed to complete the third trial to close the gates of the hell, the consequences have taken a physical toll on his body ... specifically, he's dying. Of course, Dean won't let his brother die without a fight, so he enlists the help of injured warrior angel Ezekiel to help him go inside Sam's head to fight whatever it is that's killing him. These photos give us a better look at Tahmoh Penikett's Ezekiel, and he is one grumpy angel.While Dean takes a jaunt around Sam's memory lane, the brothers run into a familiar and welcome face: Bobby! It's great to see the trio together again, even if it's just happening inside Sam's head. But speaking of trio, where is Cas? We know he's in the...



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