Wentworth Prison Series 1 Review “The Things We Do”

Its presentation day at Wentworth Prison, and most of the girls are willing to announce how much better off they are inside than they were out – including Franky. Our episode focuses on Liz, however, and we revisit her dark past just as a fellow inmate nearly kills her daughter with a heroin overdose.

We’ve seen Wentworth get increasingly dark over the weeks, and this episode doesn’t stray from that path. I really like the focus on individual characters each week, as it feels as if we wouldn’t get as good of a picture of the prison if it were structured like a typical drama. Liz, for example, is a character that we hadn’t seen much of before this episode, and now we know about her past, why she’s locked up and what makes her tick. She seems to be our institutionalised prisoner, desperate to stay inside so that she doesn’t repeat the mistakes she did the first time around.




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