The Newsroom 2.09 "Election Night, Part II" Review: Chekhov's Engagement Ring

willMacI want to keep doing the news—let’s play The Newsroom.

A faceless bureaucrat (let’s call him, Sidney Falco) ambles into Aaron Sorkin’s office. He holds in his hands the finished copy of The Newsroom’s season finale. “Aaron,” he says while waving briskly at the figure behind the desk. An exasperated Aaron Sorkin slowly swivels away from the screen of his desktop and sees Sidney. Sidney holds the script aloft and smiles.

“Well Aaron, it’s the finale. I see that you’re juggling all of these other storylines—you’re doing a great job, by the way. You’re the man— but we need to think about priorities here. We need a game changer. We need something to get the kids talking, something that sparkles. Hey, you know what sparkles? Diamonds. Yeah, so let’s see if we can get a marriage proposal into the script. Sounds good? Good.”


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