This series continues to impress me. The story arc is only developing and getting stronger. What appeared in the first few episodes as some fairly freaky maybe-not-as-good-as-the-x-files science fiction is turning into a program with a well thought out and provocative plot. My only question is the limiting of the multiverse into a duality... it is us or them - I don't think that holds together. But I love the attempt to get at the concept of multiple universes. Essentially what most people missed in the second and third Matrix installments (particularly the problems of duality). Characters are fantastic too! Is Walter a good guy who like coffeecake and cotton candy or is he another version of Dr. Death (very timely)? I also think there is something funny regarding Philip Broyles and Charlie Francis. They are basically the same character so I think we will be very surprised by one of them very quickly. All the characters have great chemistry! Good job J.J. and all!


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