'The Neighbors' Season 2 premiere: Magnetic love and orchid babies in 'Family Conference'

I will never understand why the world does not embrace "The Neighbors" as one of the funniest shows on television. The Season 2 premiere, "Family Conference," for example, has far more and far cleverer laughs than almost anything on television.Also, you can watch it with very old or very young relatives and not be embarrassed. That's a big win.Whatever the bizarre reasons are that not everyone loves "The Neighbors," at least we can say that those fools are missing out on greatness yet again in Season 2. "Family Conference" makes that very clear.The basicsAmber and Reggie Jackson have managed to keep their "Romeo and Juliet"-esque romance a secret all summer. Alas, this comes crashing to the ground when their parents see them and scream a lot. So of course the aliens need to have a family conference in order to vote on Amber and Reggie's relationship status. It's only logical. A short trip past some...



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