The Legend of Korra Recap: Missionary Work


Back in my teen years, I had friends who were a lot like Korra (minus the power to bend the entire spectrum of elements). Like the Avatar, they were hungry for spiritual understanding and fresh companionship. So they turned to the local church's weekly youth group, where investing a little belief provided a wealth of warm, fuzzy, do-gooder feelings.


But like everyone who slowly steps into the world of organized religion, Korra is about to hit a spiritual crossroads where casual religious expression doesn't cut it. At the end of Episode 2, her youth group leader Unalaq revealed an armada of ships docking on the shores of the Southern Water Tribe. “Civil Wars, Part 1” picked up seconds later, Korra looking a wee bit worried about her blind actions of opening the South Pole's “spirit portal.” Unalaq, the man with all the answers, reassures her that all is well. “We have to protect [the South] from people who would do the spirits harm." Right.  Read More....


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